Scientific Foresight 2008

Scientific foresight 2008 saw a grand opening by the Deputy CM of Bihar at the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. The event intends to promote science and scientific research among the school and college students. Scientific Foresight is a movement to build a scientific knowledge temperament and promote innovation in our society.


The Deputy CM said the NDA government in Bihar was committed to promoting scientific exploration and research and it was evident by the set up of various new technical and engineering colleges across the state.

The workshop has been jointly organized by various universities and other teaching institutions in Bihar and would conclude on Sunday.

First of its kind in Bihar, it focuses on promoting scientific awareness with a purpose to develop Bihar on frontiers of knowledge creation and fostering research interest among enthusiasts. It highlights new challenges in science and technology domain through collaborative participations by seasoned professionals, eminent scientists, established entrepreneurs, and creative minds alike.

Please visit the scientific foresight website for more details.

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