Scientific Foresight 2008 concluded successfully

Delivering the closing address at the three-day symposium Scientific Foresight 2008, Governor RL Bhatia said that there was no dearth of talent in Bihar. However, there was need for their proper exposure. He urged the organisers to continue in the interest of students of the state.

Scientific Foresight 2008 saw a grand opening on December 20 by the Deputy CM of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi, at the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall.

Modi vouched that his government is committed to promote science and technology in the state. He asserted that the government was making efforts to promote technical education in the State as a large number of students from Bihar were going out every year to pursue higher education in other states.

The Bihar government had taken up infrastructure development projects including construction of IT towers to attract IT companies to invest in the State and create employment opportunities for the youth.

About 50 innovative project/ presentation were presented in the symposium by students and researchers from different universities and institutions, which deliberated on the newer branches of science like biotechnology and nano-technology.

The workshop was jointly organized by various universities and other teaching institutions in Bihar. Organised every year, Scientific Foresight focuses on promoting scientific awareness with a purpose to develop Bihar on frontiers of knowledge creation and fostering research interest among enthusiasts. It highlights new challenges in science and technology domain through collaborative participations by seasoned professionals, eminent scientists, established entrepreneurs, and creative minds alike.

This event is supported by a large number of Biharis living outside the state, within India and abroad. Convened by Ramraj Pandey (Michigan, USA), the Global Coordination Committee included the technocrats like Atul Kumar, Ajit Chouhan, Vivek Kumar, Chandan Singh and others.

The technical session on Monday was addressed by Dr Rajiv Kumar Sinha (Griffith University, Australia), Dr MV Anantkrishnan (IIT Bombay), Rabia Kidwai, (Director of Azadi an NGO), Prof. Shashank Shekhar (Bihar College of Engeeniring, Bhagalpur), Dr AK Ghosh (AN College, Patna) and Shobha Rani (Alphia Institute of Business Management, Patna).

(With inputs from Ajit Chouhan, Vivek Kumar and Shweta Singh)

Scientific Foresight 2008

Scientific foresight 2008 saw a grand opening by the Deputy CM of Bihar at the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. The event intends to promote science and scientific research among the school and college students. Scientific Foresight is a movement to build a scientific knowledge temperament and promote innovation in our society.


The Deputy CM said the NDA government in Bihar was committed to promoting scientific exploration and research and it was evident by the set up of various new technical and engineering colleges across the state.

The workshop has been jointly organized by various universities and other teaching institutions in Bihar and would conclude on Sunday.

First of its kind in Bihar, it focuses on promoting scientific awareness with a purpose to develop Bihar on frontiers of knowledge creation and fostering research interest among enthusiasts. It highlights new challenges in science and technology domain through collaborative participations by seasoned professionals, eminent scientists, established entrepreneurs, and creative minds alike.

Please visit the scientific foresight website for more details.

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Organizing committee meeting :Scientific Foresight 2008

Seminar Hall, Department of Environment & Water Management, A. N. College, Patna Date : 21st Sept 2008

AGENDAS-Release and distribution of Brochure and call letterIdentification and inviting guestaFinal confirmation on the session and schedule

Discussions and decisions:

  • Distribution of time should be uniform between speakers from India and abroad.

  • 24th Dec – 2nd Career counseling session

    In career counseling students should be dealt with the type of problem he/she is facing and what should be done about it

  • Session and timing – Invited lectures – 15 minutes (10+5 minutes).

  • Important date and detailed – last date of submission – 10th October (It should be 15th October). Abstracts should be submitted online till 20th October.

  • Format of abstracts :

- Not more than 500 words

- Specimen should be displayed on website

Form should be submitted in dept. not to any individual by hand/post/E-mail :

Dept. Of Physics, Avila Convent, Patna Women’s College, Bailey Road, Patna – 800001. Ph.- 9431632519

Dept. of Environment and Water Management, A.N. College, Boring Road, Patna – 800013. Ph.- 993428865

There should be two rate categories for registration fee :

  1. A participant – Rs.100/-

  2. A participant with paper abstract – Rs.100/-

  3. Registration time – 9 AM – 10 AM (On the spot).

  4. Modes of registration – Before the event / On the spot.

Life sciences - .Bio Tech,Bio Informatics & Genetic, Medicine SciencesCreate new session E for Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geologyarth Sciences Basic Sciences (includes Nuclear Physics).
Suggestions about website : Provide Social Networking

Archive should be added (which includes audio and video of the past events).
Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (for each group of participants) and memento for best five. There should be certificate for each participant.
20 poster designs are allowed to be exhibited. Best 5 will be awarded. There will be certificate for all.

List of colleges where invitation will be given is required.
Publicity : Press conference/ Print Media

Committees :
Accommodation :
Food & Lodging.
Venue Management
Banners, Prizes, Sponsorship.
Head or management for volunteer.
Reception committee.
Stage & Dias management.
Security Management.

  • One more meeting before Durga Puja vacations including all committee members i.e. A meeting on 28th September, 2008 at Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Mahaveer Vatsalya Hospital, LCT Ghat, Patna is proposed.

  • Budget to be decided by each committee and to be submitted to the finance committee.

  • Coordinator of the committee has to approve every budget/recommendation before forwarding it to any committee.

  • Finance arrangement is the concern of the convener.

  • Budget account to finance.

    Brochure should be published on or before Wednesday 24th September, 2008.

  • Budget & Finance to be discussed.

  • Thursday – Press meet & afterwards distribute the brochure.
    Attendees -

  • Dr. Ramesh Pathak R.N. College, Hajipur, Vaishali
  • Dr. Rakesh Kr. Singh PWC
  • Dr. N.K. Mishra Retd. Univ., Prof. of Zoology
  • Prof. Shashank Shekhar BCE Bhagalpur
  • Dr. Ramakant Pandey P.U. Patna
  • Dr. Uday Pathak Mahavir Vatsalya Hospital
  • Dr. Ashok Ghosh A.N. College , Patna
  • Dr. Nupur Ghosh A.N. College , Patna
  • Mr. Asok Kumar A.N. College , Patna
  • Er. A.K. Baxi V.I.T. Patna
  • Dr. Aprajita Krishna PWC
  • Mr. Govind Sharma Patna Doordarshan
  • Mr. Amit Tripathi Digital Footprints
  • Laxmi B Digital Footprints
  • Sushma P Digital Footprints

Planning SciFore '08 : First Meeting of Academicians at Patna

Venue: Bihar Chamber of Commerce, Patna
Date: 27th July'2008

With objective of planning the 'Scientific Foresight-2008', A meeting was held, under the chairmanship of Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh, Prof-In-Charge, Department of EWM, A. N. College, Patna (Bihar) at Bihar Chamber of Commerce on 27th July'2008.The meeting was attended by many academicians from different institutions of Bihar .

The meeting was initiated with the key note address by Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh. Dr. Ghosh explained the vision, theme, and objectives of the 'Scientific Foresight-2008'. He clearly explained the purpose of organizing this creative event and also explained the need for such event for students of Bihar.

This was followed by an open discussion for the finalization of technical sessions. The following suggestions were put forward:
· Dr. B. K. Sharma, NIT, Patna suggested inclusion of a session for Basic Sciences and Research, particularly in the area of Genetics.
· Dr. Uday Pathak, Director, Mahavir Vatsalya Sansthan, Patna requested to include Health and Medicine, till now generally ignored by scientific community.
· Atul Aditya Pandey, Department of Geology, P.U. suggested that technical session be categorized into major subjects area, and then further sub bifurcated into sub-theme areas.
· A common question raised was that the program dates should not affect normal activities of institutions involved.
· Dr. Ashok Ghosh strongly recommended for parallel sessions to make interactions interesting and specific for specific audience. He requested all such educational & research institutions to take come forward for undertaking the responsibility of conducting these parallel technical sessions.
· Mrs. Aparajita, Patna Women's College, Patna suggested that based upon our experience gained from organizing previous such events we can improve our delivery structure.
· Mr. Sushant Kumar Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru Fellow, Dept. of EWM, A. N. College, Patna suggested that it would be better to convey the message to all the core committee for technical sessions to prepare and finalize sub-themes, and circulate copies of the same in the next meeting.
· Involvement of local people: There was also emphasis on involving more and more local people that is from small town colleges. It was a significant point as Prof Rajmani spoke about his experiences and interaction with some girl students from Darbhanga, according to him it was really great exposure for these girls and they were very happy to be part of it and participate in the event. All the members agreed upon it as it was felt it will be great platform and once in life time kind of experience for the small town students to get this kind of exposure.
· Decentralizing the event: Most of the members agreed for decentralization of the event they felt with increase in number of participants, the numbers of papers and also the lack of quality papers it will be great if the event is decentralized that is each topic is allotted a different venue and only the best of papers are presented at the main venue that is S.K memorial hall, a potential list of decentralized venues was also made which included:
1. Biscoman Bhawan (Nalanda Open Univrsity)
2. B.N College
3. Patna College
4. Patna Science college
5. Patna women's college
6. A.N College

Decisions taken: Following decisions were undertaken -
1. There will be three session:
a. Inaugural & Concluding session to be held at SK Memorial Hall
b. Parallel technical sessions in different institutions at Patna
c. Joint session for popular science lectures at SK Memorial Hall.

2. Total Six major subject areas were identified for technical sessions and the core committees for the concerned major subject area were constituted:
a. Engineering & Technology- Dr. B. K. Sharma, NIT, Patna
b. Medicine & Life Sciences- Dr. Uday Pathak, Director, Mahavir Vatsalya Hospital, Patna
c. Earth & Environmental Sciences- Atul Aditya Pandey, Dept. of Geology, P.U.
d. Mathematical & Statistics- Prof. A. K. Sinha, HOD, Dept. of Statistics, PU
e. Physical Sciences- Prof. J. Thakur, PU
f. Chemical Sciences- Prof. L. K. Mishra, HOD, Dept. of Chemistry, PU
3. The core committees were requested to identify sub areas of the different sessions and submit the same in the first week of August,2008
4. The proposed timeline was accepted.
5. Dr. Atul Aditya Panday was requested to prepare the draft of the First call letter for inviting abstracts.
6. It was also decided that all Events of SF 08 will be notified through different electronic and print media.
7. It was suggested that Mr. Narayan Moorthi, Dr. R.K.Pachauri or Mr. Bill Gates be invited as a chief guest.

Prof. Girija Head, Dept. of Physics, Patna Women's College
Md. Shahnawaz Ali Asst. operations Manager, Digitech Solutions
Dr. A.N.Sahay HOD, Electronics Eng, RPSIT, Patna
Dr. Rakesh Kr. Singh Physics Dept, Patna Women's College
Dr. Atul Aaditya Pandey Science College, Patna
Sushant Kr. Singh A.N.College
Dr. Ramakant Pandey P.U., Patna
Dr. Uday Pathak Director, Mahavir Vatsalya Hospital
Dr. Irshad Ali Dept. Of Chemistry, B.N.College, Patna
Anant Kumar Dept. Of Comp Sc, J.D.Womens College, Patna
Dr. Kamal Kishore Singh Dept. Of Chemistry, A.N.College, Patna
Dr. Bihari Singh Head, P.G. Dept. of Life sciences, A.N.College, Patna
Dr. Arun Kumar H.O.D. Electronics, A.N.College, Patna
Prof. A.Yadav Retd. Prof. of Physics, P.U., Ex VC, Bihar University.
Dr. Om Prakash Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg., NIT, Patna
Dr. N.S.Maurya NIT, Patna
Er. A.K.Baxi VIT, Patna
Dr. B.K.Sharma NIT, patna
Dr. Santosh Kumar B.S.College, Danapur
Dr. Ashok Ghosh A.N.College, Patna
Dr. Rajmani Pd. Sinha Dept. of Physics, P.U., Patna
Dr. Aprajita Krishna Patna Women's College

Student Scientific Cell for SciFore ‘08

We had good progress in our preparation for SciFore '08 till date; in the next stage, we would like to start interaction with students on ground.
As coined in previous events we should form Student Scientific Cell and start working on identifying emerging science and technology trends and interests of students on ground.

I see following challenges for Student Scientific Cell:
- We have meet expectations of students and their genius needs
- We have to fulfill our objective of keeping students updated about latest trends of science and technology.
- We have provide positive environment & proper mentoring to students in order to unleash their latent creativity

I request to you all to share your view and also indicate your availability for working with this team. I propose following names for Student Scientific Cell:

Samir Kumar Mishra
Dr. Prabhat Kumar
Ashok Sharma

We need to start interaction with students without any delay. I would like to hold a Skype call with student groups immediately.

Please invite people to join the team.

Warm regards,

Scientific Foresight 2008, 20th to 22nd December 2008 Patna

Hi All,

The success of Scientific Foresight 2007 has given us confidence to
Think beyond our limitations and we are looking forward to make this platform as a real effective for a change in our region. The tremendous success, which we could achieve, was never possible without the support of all of you.

We are in a process of consolidating our strength and composing teams to organize the Scientific Foresight 2008, which will tentatively take place on 20th, 21st and 22nd of December 2008. We are again poised at this moment to take this movement to the next level and look forward for a support and active participation.

To make this happen again we, all our NRB forums need to join hands again and form an action team to take it forward effectively. We invite each of you to join the team.

In the very first stage of our preparation, we would to like to start a campaign for participation in SF 2008 on all NRB forums.

We certainly need our younger generation to get more interactions with professionals in Industry. So an important activity of this campaign is to promote and encourage NRB professionals from all walks of life to plan their visits to Patna in 3rd and 4th week of December 2008.

The students and academic community at ground have started activities and looking forward to participate.
Please nominate team for Global Coordination.

On Behalf or SciFore '08 Team

SF2008 Patna Calling..

In the very first stage of our preparation, We would to like to start a campaign for participation in SF 2008 on all NRB forums.

We want NRB Professionals to plan a visit to Patan in the last week of 2008.

Objective of this compaign is to ensure maximum participation of NRB Professionals from different walks of life.

In addition to that we need to start communication with student community at ground level and make them aware of all the progress.