Student Scientific Cell for SciFore ‘08

We had good progress in our preparation for SciFore '08 till date; in the next stage, we would like to start interaction with students on ground.
As coined in previous events we should form Student Scientific Cell and start working on identifying emerging science and technology trends and interests of students on ground.

I see following challenges for Student Scientific Cell:
- We have meet expectations of students and their genius needs
- We have to fulfill our objective of keeping students updated about latest trends of science and technology.
- We have provide positive environment & proper mentoring to students in order to unleash their latent creativity

I request to you all to share your view and also indicate your availability for working with this team. I propose following names for Student Scientific Cell:

Samir Kumar Mishra
Dr. Prabhat Kumar
Ashok Sharma

We need to start interaction with students without any delay. I would like to hold a Skype call with student groups immediately.

Please invite people to join the team.

Warm regards,